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Informing our customers about the terms present during access to credit, particularly in the Cessione del Quinto, is one of the objectives that we set ourselves immediately when we launched Leasecred i. The reason is simple, there are many terms in the financial sector and more often they are specific to the sector, so not all customers, not professionals, can know them. In addition, far too many financial agencies do not properly inform their potential customers, rather they take advantage of the confusion created by all these terms to sell a product at all costs, rather than focusing on the person before them, on the problem that grips that person and finally, on the most suitable solution for that person. Obviously, this behavior leads to a dissatisfaction on the part of the customer, who then feels deceived, in fact even if the agency sells its service, this is not successful. We as Leasecredi are committed to this front precisely because an informed customer can choose with more awareness and in this way, we keep the sector transparent and active. What many agencies have not understood is that by behaving in this way that is unethical, they not only hurt clients but also all other serious agencies and ultimately harm the entire financial sector. This is why the Financial Glossary of Leasecredi is born.

Today’s word:

The term that we will face today is the: Quote, is a document that details, in figures, the forecasts for the individual financial transaction. In detail, therefore, the estimate, in our case, is a contract proposal that the financial agency addresses to the customer, committing himself to perform the service provided in the estimate to the amount indicated. The reference agency, the consultant or the intermediary must deliver the estimate free of charge, also known by the term “SECCI” (abbreviation of Standard European Consumer Credit Information) to allow a more precise assessment before the consumer signs the financing contract or a possible irrevocable proposal. The SECCI form must include the main elements of the loan, such as the type of contract, the amount, the duration, the number of installments and their amount, and in the case of a form of credit aimed at the purchase of a determined good or service must be indicated the same in addition to the price, all guarantees and detailed information on the costs of credit such as interest rate and APR with the detail of costs included and not included by including a representative example.

The Quote with Leasecredi.

Now it is always simpler, in fact, we can be reached almost everywhere, our office is in Cagliari, via Pierluigi da Palestrina, number 48b, the times you will find us are from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15.00 to 19.00. Obviously, we are present online, within the blog you can book a free consultation, through the window that appears several seconds after the opening of the article, you will find at the top right our phone number 346 306 3475, to which you can send a message on Whatsapp or directly call. For those who prefer the fixed number we also have that: 070 522219. Also in our site, you can find the Contacts section, where you can send us a message to let us know what you need, the same can be done through our email info @ We have prepared several social channels in which you can stay updated on our activities, know us better and of course write to let us know how we can be useful. We are present on Facebook, Instagram, and Leasecredi.

Recall that before a budget with costs and forecasts is always a duty of the agency to make a free consultation with the person, so as to understand what are the costs and forecasts, to understand the professionalism of an agency you must always be careful to this step.

The request for a quote is what can give the customer the chance to think about the best solution for himself or his family.

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